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The Living Screen: Trellis System

The Living Screen: Trellis System

TWG Fencing- The Living Screen 1


The Living Screen is a modular parallel-panel system welded together to create a growing area for vine plants.  This panel system is attached to a building using standoffs to improve wall durability. Vines are planted below the screens and maintained to encourage natural growth, winding back and forth between the panels covering the walls.


TWG Fencing- The Living Screen 3

The Living Screen can also be anchored to posts to create a fence, a free-standing wall, or a trellis system.

Living Screen panels can be incorporated with existing or new construction. The panels offer a wide range of benefits: improving energy efficiency, increasing building attractiveness, and improving air quality.

Living Screens are often used as exterior cladding on large concrete-sided buildings — especially parking garages.

Take a look at a parking garage completed by GSR Architectural for Bar Louie – Minneapolis

TWG Fencing- The Living Screen -Bar Louie- Minneapolis

Consider The Living Screen for your next project!

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